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2017 Exam registration is now open. You can now apply online or send us the completed manual application form.


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Please note we have moved to a new location. If you need any services please call 416-724-2466 or visit our office at: 1120 Tapscott Road, Unit 3, Scarborough, ON M1X 1E8.(Main Intersection is Tapscott Road/McNichol Road)

Exam Registration

2017 Exam registration is now open. You can now apply online or send us the completed manual application form. If you are a new student please click here to become a TIKM Student. If you have misplaced your user ID or password you can request by sending us an email.

Student ID Card

Starting Year 2007 all students will receive TIKM identity cards. To apply for the identity card please click here and download the application form.


Two main projects, which have been initiated by the current administrative cycle, are a series of music competitions and scholarships for Carnatic students in Canada. The music competitions were held in August 2005 and August 2006, and the winners for both the junior and senior divisions were given several titles.

The scholarship program, which was also initiated in 2005, was intended to address the common complaint by Carnatic students that their musical achievements were not being recognized by postsecondary academic institutions. The winners of both the scholarship and the music contests will be recognized in the Isai Vizha celebrations of 2006. Future Directions In the last 13 years, TIKM has witnessed rapid growth, and is currently a well-recognized organization in the South Indian community of Ontario. However, awareness of TIKM and even Carnatic music in general has been lacking in the broader community. One of the main mandates of TIKM is to increase awareness of Carnatic music in Canada.


Todays Highlights

Introduction: A new dawn peaks over yonder hills, the birds of the wilderness commence their dawn melodies and before soon those that enjoy human symbiosis would join them as well. The night had been cool, soothing and gentle and had given refreshing slumber to the folks of the village who toil hard during the day on their lands to eke out a living for their families and the community.


  • Providing opportunities for young singers, musicians and dancers to stage their programs
  • Providing opportunities for Canadians to listen to professional artists from India and Sri Lanka
  • Conducting Karnatic music and barathanattyam dance examinations for students from grades one to seven